Adam Hermann
Adam  Hermann

Director of Sports Performance

Adam Hermann was named Director of Sports Performance at Boise State in March 2014. Hermann organizes, hires and oversees the entire sports performance staff in addition to developing and administering all aspects of sports performance programs for men's basketball, women's basketball and men's tennis.

His work includes sport-specific programs designed to help each student-athlete increse his or her athletic potential and decrease the chance of injury. Hermann uses variation in developing his programs, involinvg multi-joint and multi-plane training. Flexibility, core strength and proprioceptive training are included in all training programs.

Hermann retrofitted the Nicholson-Yanke Athletic Center to implement the Fueling Station, where Bronco student-athletes receive personalized supplemental meals and snacks as part of their daily nurtitional plans.

Before arriving at Boise State, Hermann spent three years as the Director of Sports Performance at Oral Roberts. He worked directly with men's basketball, women's basketball, volleyball, baseball and men's and women's tennis. Hermann also spent time at Central Michigan as the associate director of strength and conditioning. He held his first full-time position at North Dakota State after serving as a graduate assistant at NDSU.

An All-America Greco-Roman wrestler, Hermann completed his undergraduate studies at Northern Michigan University as a resident athlete at the U.S. Olympic Education Center.

Hermann is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA as well as holding certifications as an Olympic Lifting Club Coach (USAW), USA Wrestling Bronze Level Coach, and Sportsmetrics (Cincinnati Sports Medicine).

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