Boise State University 
                        Bronco Invite - 4/26/2013 to 4/27/2013                        
                                   Ed Jacoby Track                                    
                                   Dona Larsen Park                                   
Event 37  Women Triple Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind           Points
  1 Jasmyn Jewett                Unattached Bsu          12.08m  +0.0  39-07.75       
     FOUL      FOUL      11.11m(2.9) 11.75m(1.4) FOUL      12.08m(+0.0)               
  2 Lauran Johnson               Boise State             11.58m   NWI  38-00.00       
     FOUL      FOUL      10.92m(-0.4) 11.09m(0.3) 11.58m(-0.0) 11.45m(-0.0)           
  3 Alexis Keyes                 Boise State             11.34m   1.6  37-02.50       
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      10.91m(1.2) FOUL      11.34m(1.6)                  
  4 Hailey Bull                  College of Idaho        11.32m   0.1  37-01.75       
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      10.72m(1.0) 11.32m(0.1) 10.61m(1.4)                
  5 Hannah Lentz                 College of Idaho        10.58m   NWI  34-08.50       
     10.26m(0.8) 10.47m(1.4) 10.18m(0.5) 10.58m(-0.0) PASS      PASS                  
  6 Kasie Trigg                  Boise State             10.29m  -0.3  33-09.25       
     FOUL      10.29m(-0.3) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      FOUL                        
  7 Lexi Sarver                  Northwest Nazarene       9.93m   0.1  32-07.00       
     9.93m(0.1) FOUL      9.85m(-0.2) FOUL      9.49m(0.6) 9.67m(-0.0)                
  8 Candace Crew                 College of Idaho         9.76m   2.2  32-00.25       
     FOUL      9.55m(1.4) 9.76m(2.2) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL                         
  9 Emily Elsner                 Eastern Oregon           9.68m   NWI  31-09.25       
     9.58m(1.2) FOUL      9.30m(1.2) FOUL      FOUL      9.68m(-0.0)