Career Planning

At Boise State, career planning starts early. The first step is finding a course of study each student-athlete is passionate about. With 84 bachelor's degrees available to Boise State students, there is sure to be a program suited for everyone. If we need to explore all 84 to find the right one, that's what we're here to do. Throughout a student-athlete's academic career we continue giving them the tools and encouragement to get involved and make the most of their opportunities.

Downtown Boise, located just across the river from the Boise State campus, is a bustling and growing metropolitan area with jobs and internships available in a wide cross section of industries. A closer look reveals many leaders at these companies are former Boise State student-athletes who have chosen to make Boise their home following graduation. The ever-growing network of Broncos who are luminaries in the community is one of our best resources. Their love for Boise State drives many of them to give back, allowing us to offer first-class career fairs, networking mixers and mentorship programs.

We believe that through involvement and education, Bronco student-athletes will build character, integrity and leadership skills to ensure success in their collegiate careers and lives after sports.

How Do We Help Student-Athletes Find Their Passion?
-Individual meetings with academic staff
-Mentorship from Boise State alumni in various industries
-Hands-on learning opportunities and internships

How Do We Help Position Student-Athletes For Success?
-Resume workshops
-Lessons on interacting in a professional environment
-"Bridge to Career" classes
-Financial literacy workshops

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