BroncoLife Program Overview





The BroncoLife program is a department-wide commitment to focus on the WHOLE PERSON and emphasizes Academic and Athletic Excellence, Personal Development, Community Engagement and Career Planning.

BroncoLife aims to provide dynamic and impactful programs to develop and empower student-athletes to be positive influencers in their community and to help them reach their full potential in both their college careers and lives after sports.

"At Boise State, we want our student-athletes to know that their personal value and ability to contribute goes beyond their athletic ability. They are more than just athletes. The BroncoLife program provides opportunities for them to explore, be challenged and grow as a whole person as they prepare to graduate and move into their careers."
-Sara Swanson, Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development

When Boise State student-athletes graduate, we can say the following:
Boise State student-athletes have a "Blue Collar" work ethic.
Boise State student-athletes can communicate well.
Boise State student-athletes know how to build relationships.
Boise State student-athletes are engaged in their community.
Boise State student-athletes are emotionally intelligent.

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