Transition Into College

Boise State Athletics offers all of its student-athletes the tools to excel in the classroom and beyond. Before students arrive on campus, our faculty and staff are invested in their success. The first step of the BroncoLife program gives student-athletes an immediate introduction to life lessons such as study habits, time management, etiquette and financial literacy.

The three-credit "Bridge" class is offered to all incoming freshmen student-athletes and is designed to assist with the transition from high school to college. The Bridge class is a way to start their college experience with a great foundation, assess academic needs and create community.

Our basis of academic excellence is to empower students and give them the tools needed to be independent and successful. The goals and expectations are communicated early and are celebrated. The academic support program offers a variety of support structures to assist in maximizing their academic performance.

Outside of the classroom, the transition to college is eased through department-wide events. New student-athlete orientation, peer mentoring programs and academic and personal workshops help every student feel at home and comfortable in their new environment.

"The most beneficial part of the Bridge program was the focus on time management. Knowing how to effectively use my time was important to ensure doing well in class and to limit stress."
-Janell Walley, women's volleyball student-athlete

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