Romero Finishes Third at Roadrunner Open
Nov. 20, 2016

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FRESNO, Calif. –With a runner-up finish already to his name, Boise State wrestler Demetrius Romero added a second podium finish in as many tires during his debut season as a Bronco. Romero finished third at the Roadrunner Open, hosted by CSU Bakersfield, after a 3-2 decision over Dylan Lydy of Purdue, an opponent he had defeated earlier this week in Boise State’s dual loss to the Boildermakers.

Romero, a redshirt freshman, went 5-1 on the day and was joined by five other Broncos on the podium.

Kadyn Del Toro finished fourth at 184 pounds while Josh Newberg (133) and Austin Dewey (174) finished fifth. Jake Velarde (149) and Harley DiLulo (197) added sixth place finishes.

Romero reached the quarterfinals with a 6-5 decision over Tyson Kuahine of San Francisco State, but dropped his following match in a decision (7-3) to Peter Galli of Stanford. The Meridian, Idaho native would not lose again, winning his next four matches.

Making it all the way to the semifinal, Del Toro dropped a decision to Cal Poly’s Sohrab Movahedi (6-4). Del Toro beat Purdue’s Tanner Lynde for the second time this weekend to advance to the third place match where he lost a close 3-2 decision to Gary Janzter.

Dewey, a redshirt senior, opened the tournament with a 5-0 decision over Cal Poly’s Xavier Johnson. A technical fall (19-3) to Joseph Jauregui of Menlo College would send Dewey to the consolation bracket. In his opening round match of the consolation, Dewey earned his fourth pin of the season – tying his season high of four from last season – over Tyler Mullen. Dewey would lose again in a 7-5 decision to Army’s Matt Harvey in the consolation semifinal, but took fifth place after a medical forfeit from Matt Penyacsek of CSU Bakersfield in the fifth-place match.

Newberg went 4-2 during the tournament with a pin and a major decision. The redshirt junior from Kelso, Wash. capped his first competition of the season with a 6-4 decision of Yoshito Funakoshi of Cal Poly.

Wrestling a team-high eight matches on the day, Velarde went 5-3 and making it to the fifth-place match. There he lost to Greg Gaxiola in a decision (7-3).

Romero (9-2) and Dewey (9-3) have both reached nine wins and are the only Boise State wrestlers to reach the podium in both tournaments this season.

Redshirt freshman Dakota Wall (149) had two technical falls in the consolation bracket before losing in the consolation quarterfinals in a 5-1 decision to Purdue’s Jeremy Golding.

Boise State will return to action Dec. 2-3 at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational.



125 (OPEN)

Ben Thornton (PU) dec. Will Bardezbain (BSU), 11-6

Will Bardezbain (BSU) maj. dec. Alex Hernandez-figueroa (Unattached), 14-3

Matt Gamble (SFSU) dec. Will Bardezbain (BSU), 13-11

133 (OPEN)

Durbin Lloren (UVU) dec. Michael Cook (BSU), 7-2

Trevor Williams (Unattached) dec. Michael Cook (BSU), 9-7


Josh Newberg (BSU) dec. Nathan Cervantez (SFSU), 6-3

Josh Newberg (BSU) fall Zack Moistner (Unattached), 6:01

Carlos Herrera (CSUB) dec. Josh Newberg (BSU), 8-3

Josh Newberg (BSU) maj. dec. Trevor Williams (Unattached), 15-4

Cody Pae (PU) dec. Josh Newberg (BSU), 8-2

Josh Newberg (BSU) dec. Yoshito Funakoshi (Cal Poly), 6-4

141 (OPEN)

Rami Haddadin (BSU) TB-2 Roy Galvin (Unattached), 13-0 (TB2)

Victor Trujilo (Unattached) fall Rami Haddadin (BSU), 3:50

Brian Ha (Menlo) dec. Rami Haddadin (BSU), 7-3

149 (OPEN)

Greg Gaxiola (Unattached) dec. Dakota Wall (BSU), 6-5

Dakota Wall (BSU) tech fall Ryan Nantuna (Unattached), 16-0

Dakota Wall (BSU) tech fall Dylan Furtado (SFSU), 15-0

Dakota Wall (BSU) medical forfeit Tommy Pawelski (Stan)

Jeremy Golding (PU) dec. Dakota Wall (BSU), 5-1


Jake Velarde (BSU) maj. Dec. Kurtis Clem (Unattached), 12-3

Matt Kelly (Army) dec. Jake Velarde (BSU), 8-5

Jake Velarde (BSU) fall Jose Maltez (Unattached), 1:12

Jake Velarde (BSU) dec. Alex Rich (OSU), 9-7

Jake Velarde (BSU) dec. Joshy Cortez (Cal Poly), 3-2

Jake Velarde (BSU) dec. Zach Evens (Unattached), 8-5

Matt Kelly (Army) dec. Jake Velarde (BSU), 5-1

Greg Gaxiola (Unattached) dec. Jake Velarde (BSU), 7-3

157 (OPEN)

Sean O’Rourke (CSUB) dec. Jacob Otuafi (BSU), 6-2

Jacob Otuafi (BSU) fall Jesus Quintanar (Unattached), 4:47

Fred Green (BSU) fall Jacob Otuafi (BSU), 1:33


Fred Green (BSU) fall Jake Barry (Unattached), 0:47

Colton Shorts (CP) dec. Fred Green (BSU), 9-3

Fred Green (BSU) fall Jacob Otuafi (BSU), 1:33

Joe Granger (CP) fall Fred Green (BSU), 1:31


AJ Fierro (BSU) fall Joe Caracheo (Unattached), 2:49

Paul Fox (Stan) dec. AJ Fierro (BSU), 10-6

Jacob Thalin (CSUB) dec. AJ Fierro (BSU), 7-2

165 (OPEN)

Demetrius Romero (BSU) dec. Tyson Kuahine (SFSU), 6-5

Peter Galli (Stan) dec. Demetrius Romero (BSU), 7-3

Demetrius Romero (BSU) dec. Luke Wilson (Cal Poly), 10-3

Demetrius Romero (BSU) dec. Marcus Polak (Unattached), 8-3

Demetrius Romero (BSU) maj. dec. Colbran Meeker (OSU), 16-8

Demetrius Romero (BSU) dec. Dylan Lydy (PU), 3-2


Andrew Mendel (Army) tech fall Taylor Owens (BSU), 18-3

Gavin Murray (PU) dec. Taylor Owens (BSU), 12-5


Colbran Meeker (OSU) dec. Billy Bigelow (BSU), 5-0

Luke Wilson (CP) fall Billy Bigelow (BSU), 0:41

174 (OPEN)

Austin Dewey (BSU) dec. Xavier Johnson (CP), 5-0

Joseph Jauregui (Menlo) tech fall Austin Dewey (BSU), 19-3

Austin Dewey (BSU) fall Tyler Mullen (Unattached), 1:27

Austin Dewey (BSU) dec. Travis Berridge (Cal Poly), 5-2

Ben Harvey (Army) dec. Austin Dewey (BSU), 7-5

Austin Dewey (BSU) medical forfeit Matt Penyacsek (CSUB)

184 (OPEN)

Kadyn Del Toro (BSU) dec. Noe Garcia (Unattached), 7-0

Kadyn Del Toro (BSU) dec. Tom Lane (CP), 6-5

Sohrab Movahedi (Cal Poly) dec. Kadyn Del Toro (BSU), 6-4

Kadyn Del Toro (BSU) dec. Tanner Lynde (PU), 5-2

Gary Janzter (Unattached) dec. Kadyn Del Toro (BSU), 3-2

197 (OPEN)

Johnny Costa (SFSU) dec. Keavon Buckley (BSU), 5-2

Keavon Buckley (BSU) dec. Young woo An (Menlo), 10-8

Harley DiLulo (BSU) dec. Keavon Buckley (BSU), 8-2


Harley DiLulo (BSU) dec. Cortes Morales (CP), 1-0

Christian Brunner (PU) fall Harley DiLulo (BSU), 2:32

Harley DiLulo (BSU) dec. Keavon Buckley (BSU), 8-2

Johnny Costa (SFSU) dec. Harley DiLulo (BSU), 3-2

John Morin (Unattached) fall Harley DiLulo (BSU), 2:31

285 (OPEN)

Nathan Butler (Stan) dec. Gabriel Gonzalez (BSU), 6-0

Gabriel Gonzalez maj. dec. Ricardo Jaramillo (SFSU), 8-0

Tyler Kral (PU) dec. Gabriel Gonzalez (BSU), 4-3

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